MediMat™ creates a super strong web of fiber reinforcement throughout the self-leveling matrix. The binder adhering the fibers together dissolves once the CMP™ self-leveling is placed. The Medimat application does not require the addition of additives to the leveling compound.

MediMat™ imparts a tremendous increase in tensile and flexural strength, allowing CMP self levelings to be placed over many distressed substrates without the need for traditional surface preparation. CMP vapor mitigation products can also be applied over these reinforced, CMP Self levelings (Cement Based). MediMat™ is excellent for applications over wood or other substrates that exhibit deflection up to L/360.

Product Features:

  • Requires only 1/4″ of underlayment placement
  • Eliminates the need for traditional surface preparation
  • Does not require any adhering, gluing or fastening
  • Very fast and easy to install
  • Tremendous increase in tensile and flexural strength
  • Alkali resistant, non-flammable fibers
  • Bridges minor cracks in existing substrate up to 1/8″
  • Expedites placement of CMP’s self leveling underlayments
  • Can be used interior / exterior
  • Superior to plywood or cement board under Resilient, Carpet, Coatings & Toppings