Lock Down

Vapor Suppression System, Broadcast Primer & Crack Repair

Lock-Down is a versatile,100% solids, epoxy resin system that can be used for vapor suppression, broadcast priming and crack repair. For vapor suppression applications, Lock-Down can be applied at two coverage rates. Both applications are rated for substrates with up to 100% RH as per ASTM F2170.

Lock-Down at 350 sq. ft. per KIT will reduce MVER of up to 15 lbs. to below 3 lbs. as per ASTM F1869. Lock-Down at 250 sq. ft. per KIT or (TOTAL Lock-Down) will reduce unlimited MVER to below 3 lbs. as per ASTM F1869. No moisture testing is required for application of the Total Lock-Down System.

Product Features

  • Can be used for Vapor Suppression, Broadcast Primer or Crack Repair
  • Can be applied over 5 day old GREEN concrete
  • Broadcast priming will reduce cracks and pin holes in decorative or polished overlays
  • Single coat system allows for next day installations
  • Low viscosity for ease of installation and maximum penetration
  • No moisture testing required with TOTAL Lock-Down System
  • Can be used over substrates with in floor Radiant Heating
  • No VOC’s, 0 g/L (per rule 1168)
  • Alkalinity protection to pH 14
  • Can be used Interior, Exterior, On, Above or Below grade
  • Will not harbor or support the growth of mold or mildew
  • Environmentally friendly – Contributes points to LEED® Certified Projects