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CMP’s Commitment to a Earth Friendly Line Of Products

CMP’s line of engineered cement products are manufactured with up to 30% iron ore slag and other of recaptured industrial by-product that would end up in a landfill. CMP’s manufacturers each of its products with high quality, premium raw materials based on their proximity to its manufacturing locations as a means of reducing the amount of fossil fuels used in transport. CMP’s unique technology will not contribute to damaging emissions or irritating fumes upon setting or curing.

Please check back in with our “Green” commitments as we are making the environment a constant part of how we conduct CMP Specialty Products.

leafCMP Specialty Products, Inc, is the leading innovator in sub-floor preparation and concrete restoration products. CMP and its employees are committed to manufacturing a safe and environmentally friendly line of commercial and residential construction products. To learn how CMP’s complete line of restoration products can contribute to your next construction project achieve a green building certification under the USGBC LEED Green Building Rating System™ contact CMP at (267) 522-8000.

How do CMP’s line of products contribute to LEED certification of my project?

  1. Recycled Content: CMP’s advanced formulations include recycled materials earning credits in the “Recycled Content” category.
  2. Regional Materials: 20 to 80% of our raw materials are extracted or manufactured within 500 miles of our manufacturing facilities. Our customer service representatives can assist you in calculating the associated “Regional Materials” credits depending on the location of your project.

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Environmental Committment

CMP is committed to manufacturing an environmentally friendly line of commercial and residential construction products.

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