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LiquiTek is an advanced, gypsum based, self-smoothing or self-leveling underlayment used to resurface dry, interior, distressed substrates when shot-blasting or diamond grinding is not possible. It can be applied over gypsum underlayment, lightweight concrete, mud beds, structurally sound wood, asphalt, certain well bonded floor coverings, cutback and other non-water soluble adhesives with minimal surface preparation.

LiquiTek’s unique fiber formulation combines a super smooth surface with extremely fast hydration, allowing non-moisture sensitive installations to begin as soon as 4 hours, resilient and wood flooring in as little as 16 hours. LiquiTek is 3500 psi in only 4 hours & 7500 psi @ 28 days.

Product Features:

  • Ideal for bucket or barrel mixing and pumping applications
  • Very versatile, can be used for Self-Smoothing or Self-Leveling Applications
  • Extreme working time (Up to 30 minutes)
  • Suitable for many Low-Prep applications (Consult CMP Technical Support)
  • Creates a super smooth surface ideal for sensitive floor coverings
  • Self-Smoothing applications are more economical than multi-coat hand patching
  • Suitable over sound, dry, gypsum underlayment, light weight concrete & well bonded VCT
  • Install common flooring in as little as 16 hrs. (See Self-Smoothing, Self-Leveling & DRYING)
  • No dangerous emissions or irritating fumes
  • Self-Smoothing (Up to 50% more fluid than traditional self-leveling)
  • Prevents plasticizer migration when applied > 1/8″ over non-water soluble adhesive residue
  • Ideal for health care environments – Does not support the growth of mold
  • Contributes points to LEED® Certified Projects

Coverage Calculator

The Coverage Calculator provides a net number, it is advisable to estimate an additional 10% for waste and variations. Contact CMP for product extension recommendations when thickness exceeds maximum neat placement allowable.