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Lock Down

LockDown is a versatile,100% solids, epoxy resin system that can be used as a vapor suppression, broadcast priming and crack repair. LockDown is designed for use over existing concrete where the level of moisture emissions from the slab exceeds the maximum allowed by the manufacturer of the finished floor covering. It also can be used on new projects where schedules do not allow for freshly poured concrete to fully cure.

Applied in just one coat at 250 ft² per KIT, LockDown will reduce unlimited MVER or up to 100% RH (per ASTM F-2170) to below 3 lbs. For applications that will receive CMP’s leveling compounds, AS-100 primer is required.

Product Features:

  • Can be used for Vapor Suppression, Broadcast Primer or Crack Repair
  • Water Vapor Permeability < 0.1 per ASTM E-96 Standard Test Methods
  • Can be applied over one day old, GREEN concrete
  • Easy to apply single coat system
  • Semi-Gloss standalone coating
  • Can be used over substrates with in floor Radiant Heating
  • LockDown is VOC Compliant, Low Odor & Solvent FREE
  • Alkalinity protection to pH 14
  • Can be used Interior, Exterior, On, Above or Below grade
  • Contributes points to LEED® Certified Projects